Greetings from oz!

We are a team of highly skilled and seasoned individuals from the Film Production and Advertising Production industries. From creatives, to account directors, to filmmakers, to post-production editors, to marketing managers and even to sales directors, Yellow Brick Road Productions continues to lead the path toward a truly exciting, engaging and enriching kind of branded content.

Concept to Content

While some of us have been in the traditional Advertising industry for over 20 years servicing some of the biggest clients and creative agencies in the country (i.e.) and in the region, Yellow Brick Road continues to expand and explore new creative collaborations as the industry tips over to the Digital Age.

Yellow Brick Road understands that Advertising and Marketing no longer follows a “one-size-fits-all” formula, and specificity and authenticity apart from creativity is king. We have broken new ground conceptualising , writing and executing tailor-fit copy and content for known brands and corporations (i.e.). Content that is intrinsic to the goals and vision of a specific brand identity. These values reflective in the final work, aim to communicate messages more efficiently to a targeted set of eyes, ears and hearts. Customising the content according to the objectives of your brand will secure a more lasting and efficient connection between your product and your patrons.

Service and Quality

Yellow Brick Road is founded by industry veterans who have put the client’s satisfaction at the top of its priorities. The company goes through great lengths to keep your journey throughout the production process enjoyable and memorable. We guarantee a positive, creative and collaborative atmosphere as well as a stress-free experience. Our Executive Producers and Account Managers are the best in the business thoroughly and meticulously overseeing the finer business details and logisitics of your investment.

Just as Dorothy found a group of trustworthy friends on her way to the Emerald City, we hope you can find us to be your friends as we go on adventure together toward your first or next branded material. We believe every step toward a good and effective film or video entails a generous amount of collaboration, magic, and love. We have all these and much more.

What we do

We are a team of highly collaborative industry practitioners. From Marketing, Sales, Art, Film, Digital and IT specialties, we can guarantee a truly creative and productive process in delivering your content set to the highest standards. With years of tested experience, wisdom and skillful knowledge, Yellow Brick Road is your one-stop-shop for all things “Concept to Content”.

Allow us to work closely with you developing an idea, and join us as we take you on an enjoyable journey to seeing your vision come to fruition. From Digital Marketing executions, on-ground activations, OOH, and traditional above-the-line products like broadcast TV commercials, our team of highly skilled craftsmen will ensure efficiency and quality in every step of the way.