Peter Manus

Peter Manus

After attending the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts, Peter Manus immediately got a chance to direct his first TV commercial, which was totally sweet. 700 hundred TV commercials later, he is still treating clients with high voltage intent, giving them his very all.

He loves to combine fashion, beauty and comedy. That is, comedy can have a beautiful look and fashion can be funny. Of course, every TV commercial production he handles, he handles as if he were a custom tailor, going for the perfect fit. Sometimes, a serious approach is required. Sometimes, a simple and fun approach is required. But sometimes, moving into unchartered style territories is what’s needed for a specific marketing problem. Regardless, Peter’s experimental sensibilities are tempered within a framework.

He has developed a penchant for storytelling, performances and cinematic visuals, evident in his work for a wide variety of TV commercials. At the center of his filmmaking style is an ability to locate the uniqueness of the idea inherent in the creative brief, which he then seeks to adorn in a fresh, elegant yet simple manner.

He is driven by a desire to explore new avenues of filmic expression, never content with repeating previous successes, a trait that has lead to engaging work for many satisfied clients.

In his spare time, he likes being a detective of emerging films, fads and fashions, while at the same time keeping a finger on the pulse of current world affairs and counterintuitive trends.