Michael Frings

Michael Frings started his career as a director for commercials after graduating from the Film Academy Baden -Wuerttermberg – Germany in 2000.  He has worked in Europe, Asia, Africa, North- and South America, UAE, Russia, Ukraine as well as recent projects for New Zealand and China.

His strengths lie in combining visuals with editing and sound design which is a direct result of his background. His ability to experiment with film material by using non-linear editing systems gives him an opportunity to create a unique style of work.  Michael’s work reflects his     background as an editor at ARRI-TV and Das Werk in Munich. His commercials and music videos show his expertise of compositing images with 3d computer animation to see what is possible and how to integrate it with live action.  His passion is the interaction of visuals and sound.

Michael received the Art Director’s Club award in Germany for his Nike – “Runner’s High” commercial, and as a result received an invitation to present it at the Cannes Film Festival. Further he was awarded for Ikea Sleep ABC with the IDEA 2008 TV Silver, ADCR Award 2008 and Bronze for TVCs  at the Kyiv Festival 2008 TV.